Elegant 6 Administration

  1. Sites

    1. Managing

  2. Plugins

  3. Themes

  4. Users

  5. Settings

  6. CSRF token settings

  7. Language and Localization settings

  8. Custom labels and translations

  9. Creative Banks 5

Using Elegant 6 as an administrator.

Navigate to your Elegant 6 host. For example:


Administration, img #01

Login as nativeadmin (the same nativeadmin credentials as your Xinet products). Once logged in, you’ll have access to all of the administration tools for Elegant 6 and Supermail 2.


Sites section is where you create new sites or view and edit existing sites.


Elegant 6 eases your ability to write Plugins or purchase custom Plugins from NAPC. This section is where you can upload and administrate Plugins to E6.


Managing your sites color appearance. We're now using bootstrap themes. There are several ways to create bootstrap css files, but we've found an easy one you can start with at paintstrap.com


Assign Elegant 6 sub administration rights to users.


Managing Creative Banks 5 Users


Live link to automated self-installing software Updates and License page. Sweet!


Logout for security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the Elegant 6 admin settings.