You can duplicate sites or transfer them between your Elegant 6 applications using export/import functionality.


Export of sites is very straightforward. Go to Admin -> Sites and click “export” button in site’s controls column.

Virtual host configuring, img #01.1

Zip archive, containing all the required site data will be generated and download will begin. Archive title will include current Elegant 6 application version and site title:


In order to import a site, go to Admin -> Sites and click “Import sites” button:

Virtual host configuring, img #01.1

Select previously exported archives with sites and click “Upload button”:

Virtual host configuring, img #01.1


  1. You can import any number of sites at once;
  2. Invalid archives will be ignored and proper message will be shown;
  3. If current Elegant 6 application already contains site that bears the same title, a hash will be attached to imported site title;
  4. If site contains any custom images/themes/layouts/markers they will be imported too;
  5. If current Elegant 6 application already contains themes or layouts bearing the same titles, new themes or layouts with matching titles WILL BE IGNORED. So newly imported site will be using themes or layouts that already exist within current Elegant 6 application;