Themes are handy ways to create your own look and feel, so go wild! You can make sweeping changes (Our ‘Air’ theme shows some things you can do) or just come up with a default, easily repurposable color theme that can be reused quickly as you roll out new sites

In this video you can see how to manage your Themes in Elegant 6:

Here you see the uploaded themes, which you can apply to your site. Using the settings for each of theme, you can Update or Remove it.

Themes, img #01

With Update settings, you can change the name of your theme and add the preview to image (generated from or one you mock up by yourself). This is handy!

Themes, img #02

You can upload a new theme.

Themes, img #03

Just go to the and Create your own color theme or select one from Gallery.

Themes, img #04

Click Download on the Painstrap site and then Upload this ZIP file to Elegant 6.

Note: You can use site for downloading themes with Bootstrap version 3