Go to Admin >> Sites,select the Site you need to edit, and then you’ll see the CB5 settings area for that site.

  1. To begin, go to Admin>>Sites>>SITE-NAME>>Update>>Settings>>Creative Banks 5

  2. Click “Active” to activate Creative Bank for current site.

  3. Click Apply/Save button. You have now created a bank.

All you have to do is choose the Settings, enter your company information in the fields provided (replacing the default text), and check which features you want. Incorporating the stringent security features in NAPC’s Native Security, CreativeBanks now has security models for companies with basic needs(Classic) , higher-level needs (High), and Active Directory (Proxy). All include password rotation policies. The High and Proxy models also let you set requirements for password strength.

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Note: “Core Bank Webnative User Name” and “Core Bank Webnative User Password“ are required and cannot be blank.

Settings is explained in the example below:

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Import Bank - Allows users to import bank from Creative Bank 4 (You need to perform Export for CB5 )

Upload - Upload .zip file, exported from Creative Banks 4

Active - Click "Active" to activate Creative Bank for current site.

Admin Email - Input Administrator email. NOTE: you can separate multiple email addresses with a comma:,

Subject - Input Admin notification email subject. . NOTE: {BANK} will be automatically replaced with current site name

"Noreply" Email - Input "Noreply" email.

Show "ToS" - Choose how to display "Terms of Service" document. NOTE: "ToS" File should be uploaded and available. (“Off”, “Once”, “Once + On "ToS" File Change” or “Every login”)

"ToS" File - Upload - Upload .html, .pdf or .txt file that will be shown as "Terms of Service" document, if needed

2-Stage Approval

2 Stage approval allows to assign person(s) who will be able to approve or discard newly registered users before Administration actually gets informed about them.

  • Users performs registration
  • Message is sent to "Approval Email(s)" with information about the user and links to approve or discard registration
  • Upon approval, regular "New Registration" email is sent to "Admin Email(s)" and standard registration process continues
  • Discarded users get immediately deleted from CB5 database

2-Stage Approval - Enable/Disable 2 Stage Approval

Approval Email(s) - Input Approval Email(s). NOTE: you can separate multiple email addresses by commas:,

Approval Subject - Input Approval email subject. NOTE: {BANK} will be automatically replaced with current site name

Core Bank Webnative User Name - Input core Webnative user name. NOTE: usually it is "nativeadmin"

Core Bank Webnative User Password - Input core Webnative user password. NOTE: core user credentials are required to allow CB5 create and edit users on Webnative server

Seсurity Settings

Seсurity Settings is explained in the example below:

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CreativeBanks now has three security models. In addition to the standard (or Classic) security model, High and Proxy (Active Directory). High and Proxy security models meet all requirements of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). For more detail on NIST specifications and standards, please visit

From the ‘Security Settings’ sub-tab, you can choose your preferred method of security using the Type pull-down menu at the top. Here is a brief overview of the three models:

Classic - A basic security model that allows for direct password access via email.

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If users forget a password, they will be assigned a new one that will be sent within the text of an e-mail. While the Classic model offers password rotation functionality, it does not allow you to set requirements for password strength.

High - A high security model that allows for password resets via a web based interface.

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If a password is forgotten, users will not be assigned a new password. Instead, they will receive an email prompting them to change it to something new via a web-based link. The administrator can set any requirements desired for password strength. Password rotation features are also included.

Proxy - A high security model that allows indirect access through the use of proxy users.

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If you have a WebNative system bound to Active Directory, this security model offers a highly convenient solution.

Under this model, you can incorporate external users into your bank – such as clients, vendors and freelancers – without having to create individual users in Active Directory. How? When users register in CreativeBanks, they are assigned to a proxy user (with set permissions) that you have established. Once you have properly created this proxy user account in AD, WebNative will pick it up, and all logins still go through Active Directory.

Password Rotation Policy

The Password Rotation feature in Creative Banks 5 enables automated rotation of WebNative passwords for all users of your creative bank. Using the Password Rotation fields within the Security Model GUI, administrators can create a Password Rotation Policy that defines how passwords will be cycled.

Enable Password Rotation - Check to allow CB5 to rotate users passwords over time

Rotate Passwords Every (months) - Choose period in months between password rotation.

Exempted Usernames- Input one or several users names (comma separated) who's passwords will not be rotated

Only Rotate Enabled User Accounts - Check if you want to rotate only enabled users passwords.

NOTE: For Password Rotation Host cannot be blank. (Check Admin>>Sites>> Update>>Basic>>Host)

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Access Control

Access control lets you limit user registration to specific domains (like, for example).

Limit Registration Email to Specific Domains - Input several domains names (comma separated). Only users with emails from those domains will be able to register

Email as Username - Check to force usage of email as username for registration and login

Unique email- Check to force usage of email as username for registration and login

Send password upon activation - Include new user password in activation email

Captcha - Check to show captcha on login

Forbid Registration - Check to forbid self registration

Forbid Password Restore - Check to forbid password restore

Auto Expire User Account (months) - Select time (after user registration) when user account will be automatically expired.

Lock user after - Select amount of unsuccessful login attempts after which the user will be locked

Unlock user after - Select amount of unsuccessful login attempts after which the user will be locked.

Webnative Access ( Classic and High only)

Default User WebNative Group - Select one or several webnative groups. Newly registered users will automatically become their members.

For the Classic and High security models, this field is used for ‘Default WebNative Group’ – that is, the group that users are assigned to when they register and are enabled for the bank. To put it another way, Classic/High security policies are group-based and Active Directory security policies are user-based.

Password Strength (High and Proxy only)

Password requirements are completely configurable by the administrator. If you want, you can stick to Native Security’s strict standards such as an 8-character minimum and a mix of upper and lower case letters and numbers, but you have the flexibility to set whatever requirements you want.

Minimum Length - Set minimum password length up to 10 symbols

Contains Lowercase - Set how many lowercase characters must be present in password

Contains Uppercase - Set how many uppercase characters must be present in password

Contains Digit - Set how many digits must be present in password

Not Equal Previous Password - Set acceptable password reuse age

Not Equal Username - Check to make sure that password does not match username

Proxy User Credentials (Proxy only)

Proxy Username - Input Webnative proxy user name. NOTE: start typing to see available suggestions

Proxy Password - Input Webnative proxy user password

NOTE: “Proxy Username”, “Proxy Password “ are required and cannot be blank.

Optional Fields

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Here you can configure additional fields that will be available during registration.

The registration page always asks for the user’s Email, Username and Password. You may also turn on any of the custom fields below. Each field has 3 states: Off = Not displayed; On = Displayed but optional for registrant; Required = Registrant will be required to fill out this field. Each field may be given a custom label.

Optional values (comma separated) - Add custom values for every field, if needed

Label- Input label name

Optional values - You can leave it blank or input custom values.

Once you are done press the Apply/Save button.

Now Registration page contains Optional Fields

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The following e-mail notifications to users can be turned on or off. For each, CreativeBanks provides a subject line and body text that you can modify

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Template - allow you to easily create a message with a look and feel that is in line with your brand. You will have plenty of opportunity to customize messaging, fonts, colors, images, backgrounds and more.

Active - Click "Active" to activate notification for current site. Add Subject and Message.

Registration Message

A welcome message to the new user following registration. You will receive a confirmation message when your account is activated.

Confirm Registration Message

Here you can add link for confirm your registration.

Account Enabled Message

Confirmation that the user’s account has been enabled.

Forgot Password Message

Information on how to access the system if a password has been forgotten. Instructions will vary depending on the security model chosen.

One Time Login Message

Information on how to create a password after an account has been activated.

Password Rotated Message

Information on how to reset your password when you login following a password rotation.

Password Expired Message

You will be asked to create a new password upon next login if your password has been expired.

CreativeBanks User Locked

Information on how to continue accessing the system if your account has been locked out for too many failed logins.

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