The User Manager feature gives administrators a convenient way to keep track of all registered users of the bank. When someone registers, CreativeBanks adds the name to its database of users. Once the name is activated, a WebNative user account is automatically created right from within CreativeBanks.

Finding and editing users in CreativeBanks is simple. Follow these steps to narrow down to a single user or subset of users, then edit their settings:

Filtering Users

  1. Go to Admin>>Sites>>Settings>>CB5 Users

  2. Use the ‘ Bank’ pull-down to select the banks you want to filter

  3. Use the ‘Activity Status’ pull-down to select one of the following: all users, enabled users, disabled users or those pending activation.

  4. If desired, click a letter in the filter index to search for users alphabetically or Ascending/Descensing.

  5. Username, Email, Registration Date, Password Rotated, Password Expired filters are also available.

Editing Users

Click “Update” button for each user.

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To make the same change to multiple users, click the ‘Batch Actions’ pull-down and choose whether to enable these users, disable them (so they can’t login any- more), reset their passwords or set a one-time login. Remember, when resetting a password, your user will either be sent a new one, or asked to create a new one when logging in next, depending on your security model.

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By clicking on a single user in the user list, you can edit settings for that individual. Use the drop-down list to change the bank the user is in. Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to reset a password, disable the user, or delete the user. When you’re finished, click ‘Save Changes.’

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