Archive Manager Plugin Documentation


Archive Manager Plugin is a Webnative plugin, and it lives on a Webnative server, it interacts with OnFile archiving software and can only work with archive to disk archives. It allows users to delete archives and move archives to the new location

Plugins_tab, img #01.1


  1. Delete archived files
  2. Move archived files

Delete archived files

This action removes entries from OnFile Database, updates Webnative Database records and removes archive file physically from OnFile archive to disk location

Move archived files

This action updates entries in OnFile Database and Webnative Database, then it moves archive file physically from one OnFile archive to disk location to another (creating folder structure if needed)

Archive to disk OnFile location you can change in Webnative: Volumes/Users>>Plugins>>OnFile

Plugins_tab, img #01.1

Than click "Locations"

Plugins_tab, img #01.1 Choose Location or Add new Location Plugins_tab, img #01.1 And then you can edit you Location path Plugins_tab, img #01.1


  1. Unzip plugin to the following location on a Webnative server:


    after copy you will get:

  2. Set permissions:

    chmod -R 755  /usr/etc/webnative/plugins/ArchiveManagerPlugin.dir/ArchiveManagerPlugin.php
    chmod -R 755 /usr/etc/webnative/plugins/ArchiveManagerPlugin.dir/assets
    chmod -R 755 /usr/etc/webnative/plugins/ArchiveManagerPlugin.dir/protected/runtime
    chown -R apache:apache /usr/etc/webnative/plugins/ArchiveManagerPlugin.dir/assets
    chown -R apache:apache /usr/etc/webnative/plugins/ArchiveManagerPlugin.dir/protected/runtime
  3. Add Archive Manager plugin to Webnative basket config file located here:


    add line (tab separated!):

    ArchiveManagerPlugin.dir/ArchiveManagerPlugin.php ArchiveManager wn_basket.gif root 2
  4. Log in Webnative admin and turn Archive Manager plugin ON:

    VOLUMES/USERS -> Plugins -> ArchiveManager

  5. Setup Archive Manager plugin config located here:


    Edit archive to disk OnFile location without trailing slash

            'archiveDisk' => '/raid/archive-disk' 

    Check Webnative Mysql socket, username and password if needed

            'connectionString' =>
                'mysql:host=localhost' . 
                ';port=3306' . 
                ';dbname=webnative' .
            'username' =>  'root',
            'password' => ‘password’, 

and you’re all set!



To remove archived asset put it into basket (for example in E6) and click “Remove” button


To move archived asset put it into basket (for example in E6), set new location path and click “Move” button