Elegant 6 plugins are a powerful toolset to extend Elegant 6 functionality without modifying core application code.

Elegant 6 plugins use the following basic technologies

Elegant 6 Plugin API Creates plugin configuration, attaches plugin to Elegant 6 site, provides PortalDI connection interface, etc.
We've chosen best of breed technologies for E6, to make you life (and ours) better.

PortalDI API | Allows calls to webnative, using PortalDI more info can be found here YII 1.1.16 framework API | Elegant 6 is built on YII; YII framework API can be utilized to perform any task within Elegant 6 from templates display to database connection more info can be found here Smarty template engine API | Smarty is a powerful template engine for PHP, that can be (optionally) used to enhance plugin templates more info can be found here JavaScript (jQuery) | JavaScript is used to connect Elegant 6 Plugin to web page DOM. CSS | Can be used to style plugin interface

You need some knowledge of PHP, JavaScript and CSS to start creating Elegant 6 Plugins. Sample plugins “PreviewPlugin” and “CustomViewPlugin” are available as part of introduction.

Elegant 6 Plugins can be displayed in several ways:

  1. Inside existing Elegant 6 page, using JavaScript to attach it to page DOM. Usually this approach is used to attach a button, that opens plugin page to Elegant 6 interface

Virtual host configuring, img #01.1

  1. On separate plugin page (example.com/plugin/PreviewPlugin), which may be displayed in new browser tab or in popup

Virtual host configuring, img #01.1

  1. Substitute existing view (example.com/ browse?path=/DEMO&plugin=CustomView). This approach allows to create fully custom “browse”, “basket”, “view” page. This can be extremely powerful.

Virtual host configuring, img #01.1