• E6 plugin
  • Webnative action
  • Import from nTransit 4 script

    E6 plugin

    You can obtain required version of nTransitPlugin here.

    To install nTransit 5 E6 plugin part just copy it to you E6 plugins folder, usually located here:

    $ /var/www/html/elegant6/protected/plugins

    but please doublecheck it

    For more information about installing E6 plugins please read here

    Webnative action

  • Locate Webnative action in nTransit 5 folder here:

    $ nTransit_5_folder/webnative/ntransit
  • Copy nTransit 5 Webnative action to Webnative actions folder on your Webnative server:

    $ /usr/etc/webnative/actions
  • Do not forget to set action folder permissions

    $ chmod -R 755 /usr/etc/webnative/actions/ntransit
  • Login in Webnative as "nativeadmin" user and open actions list (Database -> Actions), then locate "ntransit" action and click edit icon. Set "E6 URL" field according your E6 site, example:

    NOTE: site must be connected to the same Webnative where you put ntransit action

    Import from nTransit 4 script

    This piece of code is used to import nTransit 4 partners configurations, to install it:

  • Locate import script in nTransit 5 folder here:

    $ nTransit_5_folder/webnative/import
  • Copy import script folder (not contents but whole folder) to nTransit 4 folder on Webnative server:

    $ /var/www/html/ntransit

    after copy you must get this

    $ /var/www/html/ntransit/import
  • Set import script folder permissions

    $ chmod -R 755 /var/www/html/ntransit/import
    $ chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html/ntransit/import
  • To check whether import script working or not login as "nativeadmin" user in E6, click nTransit 5 icon and then click "Import from nTransit 4" button, if plugin can talk with import script you will see partner list from nTransit 4