Data Sources

This interface allows you to manage Data Sources. Data Source is a configured endpoint object to which Report Generator 3 Client application sends data. Report Generator 3 Client application (RG3C) may be installed on Webnative server or any other server, you want to get data from. If properly configured, RG3C will send data to specific Data Source.

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Airtheme, img #01.2

  1. “Filter” allows you to quickly find needed data source in the list
  2. “Available data sources” shows maximum number of data sources, you can create. You may address NAPC if additional data sources are required
  3. “Create New” button opens a “Data Source Creation” page
  4. “Actions” allow you to edit or delete a data source

Create Data Source

This interface allows you to add a new data source:

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  1. Name - random data source name that will allow to distinguish this data source among the others (like Webnative DEV or Webnative PROD).
  2. Description - here you may keep arbitrary information about the data source
  3. Webnative host, Webnative username and Webnative password are only needed for reports that directly address webnative for live data, like “Metadata Report”.
NOTE: You will need “API Key”, generated when data source is created, to connect RG3C with the data source.
NOTE: You will require at least one properly configured data source to start using RG3.

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