Scheduler allows you to send reports via email on time basis.

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  1. “Filter” allows you to quickly find needed schedule in the list
  2. “Create New” button opens a “Schedule Create” page
  3. “Active/Inactive” buttons allow you to switch schedule on and off
  4. “Actions” allow you to edit or delete a schedule or send it immediately
  5. “Batch Actions” checkboxes allow you to pick several schedules and apply action to all of them by clicking one of “Batch Actions” buttons.

Create Schedule

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  1. Data Source – pick data source, you want to get data from
  2. Report – pick a report you want to send. list of available reports depends on selected data source
  3. Recipients – input one or more email addresses (separated with commas) here
  4. Frequency – chose how often you want to receive report; (NOTE: If you choose "Weekly" or "Every 2 weeks" values, reports will send from next week when it was created.)
  5. Send Time – choose at which time you want to receive report;
  6. Format – choose report format html, csv, pdf, html, excel or json
  7. Message – additional textual message that will be added to email