Welcome to SuperMail 2.0

SuperMail 2 allows the seamless sharing of assets without overloading mail server with the actual files. Users can send a link, and the recipient can access the files, either with a login or without. Limit their access to lo-res, or give them free rein! It's a great tool to extend your DAM outwards to the world. They can even view the files as a slide show!

This is a great leap forward from the original, adding in a much more robust address book, the option to link to 'live' files, more expiry options, as well as letting you view, edit, and resend previously sent Supermails. Branding is a snap too, with easy templating for multiple looks and feels.

And of course, permissions are fine grained. Administration can be limited to select users, and specific rights handed out.

SuperMail 2.0 is the “decoupling” of SuperMail from Elegant Admin. Unlike the first version of SuperMail, this new version is a stand-alone application that has the potential to integrate with other products beyond Elegant created sites. So c'mon in, enjoy the freedom of sending links, not files.