Using SuperMail 2.0 as an administrator.

After running the combined Supermail 2 / Elegant 6 installer you will have one admin menu for both services.

, img #013

Navigate to your SuperMail host. As an example we will use

, img #013

Click the “Login" button. Use your nativeadmin credentials here (the same nativeadmin credentials as Xinet's products). Once logged in, you get access to all of the nativeadmin tools for SuperMail 2.0.

, img #014


You can view Supermails that have been sent at a global level (as nativeadmin). You can also view Supermails that have been marked as “Send later” by users. You also have the ability to search through all SuperMail history.


You can manage view and send responses to E6-AFR requests


As nativeadmin, from here you can manage SuperMail contacts at the global level. Contacts can be assigned to specific users or groups. These contacts appear as “suggestions” when a portal user beings typing an email in the “Recipient” field of the SuperMail form on a portal site. Yep, autofill.


Here you define the defaults of the SuperMail image viewer look and feel. You can mass import contacts from Gmail, renew the license for the product, manage the API key, and configure settings for other products that integrate into SuperMail.


Manage the look and feel of SuperMail emails. You can define multiple “styles” and choose a default style.


In this section you can manage individual portal users and how they integrate with SuperMail 2.0. By clicking the pencil icon next to a user, you can change their default display name for the form and email, their default email address, as well as other user-specific options regarding SuperMail. Note that their email address is initially pre-populated into the SuperMail admin tool from Xinet using PortalDI. Also here you can delegate end user some sub-admins roles.


Use this to send questions, comments, or concerns about SuperMail 2.0 directly to NAPC Headquarters.


For security reasons, it is suggested you click this to prevent unauthorized access to SuperMail admin settings while away from your workstation.