In the Address Book you can Create a new contact, Add it to group or make it Shared (makes it visible for all SuperMail 2.0 users). By checking the contact you'll see the activated buttons - Share, Unshare or Delete. Shared users are marked in Single share column.

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Also you can Import your contacts from CSV file. Currently it accepts CSV export format from: GMail:

  • Google CSV format (for importing from a Google account)
  • Outlook CSV format (for importing from Outlook or another application) Native Microsoft outlook export format.

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You can Create New Group of contacts, Rename or Delete them. Just right click at the root at the left part of the screen.

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Groups of contacts can be Shared with different WebNative user groups.

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After that all WebNative users, who are the part of napc-admins WebNative user group (for example) will see contacts from Some New Group. Only users from naps-admins WebNative group.

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