In Settings is the Global tab:

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Static Supermail Host - Enter your Supermail Web Host. Fill this if you want to redirect Supermail views to a different host (this is rare).

Specify HTTPS:// if needed.

Clenup password in login form - Check this if you do not want browsers to store passwords

Use SSO module - Enables SSO module support. If properly configured, SSO module can improve application performance.

In Message tab you'll see the following:

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Max expiration time - Select maximum expiration time for user messages.

Thumbnail size - The size of the thumbnail that appears in the SuperMail email.

Max. files per message - The maximum amount of files that can be sent in a single Supermail.

Delete old messages - This determines how long you should keep a history of older Supermails.

Mail trasnport - Select how you want to send your email. If you are not sure what to do, leave default values

In the View tab you can configure Elegant 6 or Elegant 5 / Exhibit / Marquee site link. This will allow supermail viewers to go directly to the site by clicking on an asset in supermail view interface.

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Portal Type – choose type of portal.

Portal Host – sepcify portal / elegant host like:,, etc (url schema paramerer is optional).

Portal site name – enter your site name.

Forse global setting - if checked users will not be able to adjust 'Show portal link' setting

Show portal link - Show link to portal / elegant "VIEW" page for each file. NOTE: a user can override this setting if needed

In the Misc tab find:

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  • Default Email - This email address will be used as 'message sender' for users who haven't input their emails yet. Make sure you have set your company domain instead of Lot's of mail server will reject made up emails, so set this!
  • Limit access by WN group - Only members of Webnative user group 'sm2 users' will have access to Supermail application
  • Address book sharing - Allow users to share contacts from their address book.
  • Lock user data - Turn this ON if you don't want users to change their sender email or name
  • User email source field - By default Supermail imports user email from 'Upload email address' field. You can change this behavior by selecting 'Email Address'
  • Synchronize user email - If set, Supermail will pull current user email from Webnative on every login
  • Allow comments - If set, users will be able to comment files. Note: only available for Webnative 18.0 or higher
  • Show metadata - If set, metadata values selected by user will be attached to messages
  • Use CC for Mac App - If set, Mac Application will put all recipients to CC, otherwise BCC (default) is used

In the Custom Scripts tab you can attach custom JS/CSS scripts for "Create", "Edit" and "View" pages. , img #018

In Distribution you can turn on Downloading FPO and HighRes files for viewers. Also optional video streaming. Yes, video. We're pretty awesome. , img #018

You can set video encoding type and video size in WebNative.

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Custom Formats

Custom formats allow you to create and edit custom download for supermail viewers.

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Log as Nativeadmin. Go to Settings => Distribution and create Custom formats.

Nativeadmin can manage (create/modify/delete/publish) presets. Add your format's name to 'Tile' field. If a Title is left blank, this will be automatically assigned (the same as "Format" field). You can use the "Toggle All" switcher to hide and unhide all rows.

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Supermail creator can choose which presets are available to end user (if supermail creator has access to "Custom Image Order" webnative feature). He can toggle off any Custom format in Message tub.

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Supermail viewers will have dropdowns with custom formats per each asset

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In the Security Key tab you'll find the Public Key, needed for Install SuperMail WebNative Basket Plugin

In the Update tab is where you Update SuperMail 2.0 It's a button. You should click the button.