This area is optional. Users can continue to send supermails as they always have, without using this part of the program. But we think they'll fall in love with the new functionality!

First, navigate to your SuperMail host. For example

First Installation, img #01

Next, click the Login button. Use your Elegant/Portal user credentials here. Once logged in, you get access to all of the back-end portal user tools for SuperMail. These tools and the views are specific for the user you’re logged in as.



You can view SuperMails that you've sent or saved for later.You also have the ability to search through your personal SuperMail history. You can even add users and resend previous supermails!


From here you can manage SuperMail contacts for your user. These contacts appear as “suggestions” when you begin typing an email in the “Recipient” field of the SuperMail form on a portal site. Pretty cool, right? We hate typing too.


Here you can set defaults on how SuperMail 2.0 emails and the image viewer look and feel.


Download Supermail 2 contextual menu application for MacOS


Use this to send questions, comments, or concerns about SuperMail 2.0 directly to NAPC Headquarters.


For security reasons, it is suggested you click this to prevent unauthorized access to SuperMail admin settings while away from your workstation.