In the Address Book you can Create contacts, Add them to a group or make 'em Shared. If not Shared it can be seen only be your user. Sharing a contact makes it visible for all SuperMail 2.0 users.


Currently Supermail supports the following types of import:

Csv import via comma separated .csv or .txt files. You can obtain valid import files by exporting contacts from your messaging applications (Gmail, Outlook, etc). Make sure you export data as csv. You may also format csv file yourself. The following csv formatting rules are accepted:

1. Columned list of emails:

2. Csv with the first raw used for columns titles:

FirstName, LastName, Email



The order of columns may be arbitrary. If other columns are present, they will be ignored. Columns titles may be case insensitive.



You can create New Group, Rename or Delete it.


Gmail address book import.

You can import contacts from your Gmail account, if admin has properly integrated SuperMail 2.0 with Gmail.

In this case “Import from GMail” button will appear.

NOTE: you will be asked to login to “Gmail” if you’re not logged in already.
NOTE: if contact with given email already exist, it will not be imported again