Supermail 2 can support “Asset Fulfillment Request” management, working in conjunction with Elegant 6 application. “Asset Fulfillment Request” or AFR allows webnative users without download/streaming access, request permission to download certain files.

AFR workflow

Normal process of submitting AFR and receiving response to it using Elegant 6 and Supermail 2 application is as follows:

  • User logs into Elegant 6, adds files he wants to request to the basket and launches “Asset Fulfillment Request plugin”:

, img #013

  • User fills in all necessary data and clicks “Send” button.

  • AFR is added to Supermail 2 AFRs list and corresponding email is sent to ALL AFR managers click here for more information on how to configure afr managers.

, img #013

Note: current sender’s default Supermail 2 message template is used

  • AFR manager can open AFR message either by clicking a link in email or by going to Supermail AFR management page and picking required message. Note: if AFR manager is not logged in, he will be asked to.

  • AFR manager edits the message by picking which files should be approved, rejected or left pending (more information can be found here and sends response to AFR.

  • AFR sender receives a response email with requested files being grouped by their status approved/pending/rejected:

, img #013

  • User can click one of the approved files, and navigate to regular Supermail 2 “View” page, where he can use download options:

, img #013