Q: If I'm licensed for Elegant 6 do I get Supermail 2?

A: Yes, If you have combined install of E6/SM2

Q: Does Supermail support cc and bcc?

A: Yes it does. Can be set up in E6 Supermail plugin. Requires SM2 v.893, E6 v.568, SM2 webnative plugin v.30 (if used)

Q: How to reset Supermail connection settings

Assume your Supermail is installed in /var/www/html/supermail

You need to run the following console commands:

rm /var/www/html/supermail/protected/config/xml/connection_settings.xml

rm /var/www/html/supermail/protected/config/xml/global_settings.xml

If Supermail is installed inside E6 you refer to E6 FAQ