In the Basic tab are the following:

  • Title - Site title, which will be used in URLs. It may include only letters, numbers and underscores.
  • Host - You can map site to certain hostname. If user navigates to given host, current site will be loaded. NOTE: this setting is required if Creative Banks 5 is active and "Password Rotation" is enabled. E.g., "" (no http://)
  • WebNative Host - You can map your site to a different WebNative server than default one that was selected during Elegant 6 installation (for example Rarely needed.
  • Active - You can make a site temporarily unavailable for users.

    Note: Test Mode will be working even if the chosen site is not Active.

  • Default - Set this checkbox to determine which site will be loaded by default for the Elegant 6 domain. Only one site can be set as the default.

Once you are done press the Apply button and go to the Next tab.

Plugins_tab, img #01.1

Once you are done, press Save to return to the Sites menu or hit Apply and go to the Next tab.