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Here you can manage your partner list, creating, updating, deleting, importing and sending anonymous log link to any person you like

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    Log is the same as RSS feed in nTransit 4 but more usefull, you can sort, filter your log by any column you like such as date, partner name or file path and so on


    Health check


    Health checker used for to make sure your nTransit is healthy and you can anytime tell that your database SQLite file is readable, you partners folders and volume are readable by dedicated user, Webnative triggers/action are set



    Here you can setup nTransit 5 how it will communicate with Webnative

    • "nTransit volume path" dedicated nTransit volume for creating partner folders, from/to partner folder, also this path will be used in Webnative ntransit triggers/action
    • "Trigger action name" this is ntransit action name, by default it's "ntransit", but you can name it you whish, but it must be the same as action folder name on Webnative
    • "Trigger action settings" this is default ingest action settings name used when plugin automatically creates Webnative triggers/action, by default it is "INGEST"
    • "Sent asset lifespan" this is important settings used for retire assets (files/folders) sent to partners, type of this keyword must be "Date" and must be accessible by dedicated nTransit user (see below)
    • "Keyword name" the same as previous item but it is its name
    • "Dedicated user" this username used by nTransit E6 plugin to automatically create triggers for ntransit action, this user must have access to ntransit volume (see first item), must have triggers/actions creation permissions (Webnative administration), and access to keyword that used for assets retirement
    • "Password" Webnative password for dedicated user (see previous item)