Importing data from Creative Banks 4 to Creative Banks 5

You can import your Creative Banks 4 settings and users to Elegant 6 Creative Banks 5.

  1. Make sure your Creative Banks 4 is updated to the latest version

  2. Login to it and click “Export for CB5” button. This will download a zip file that contains all bank and user settings Airtheme, img #01.4

  3. Make sure you have Creative Banks 5 support enabled in your Elegant 6

  4. Login to Elegant 6 admin interface and go to site settings “Admin > Sites -> {Some Site}”

  5. Go to “Creative Banks 5” tab and click “Upload” button near “Import Bank” label Airtheme, img #01.4

  6. Select zip file that was obtained from Creative Banks 4

  7. A popup will appear containing a list of banks from Creative Banks 4 Airtheme, img #01.4

  8. Select a bank which you want to associate with current Elegant 6 site

  9. Click “Import button”


  1. Make sure that Elegant 6 site is connected to the same Webnative server as Creative Banks 4
  2. All current bank settings will be lost (overridden) by imported bank settings
  3. All currently existing bank users will be deleted and replaced by imported bank users (to avoid collisions)
  4. Bank will become deactivated. You will have to activate it again manually.
  5. Bank import does not create any Webnative users and does not modify any Webnative settings
  6. Creative Banks 4 themes are not imported to Creative Banks 5 as CB5 relies on Elegant 6 own themes.
  7. Activating Creative Banks 5 on E6 site, connected to Creative Banks 4 will disable Creative Banks 4 functionality.

IMPORTANT: Importing data from Creative Banks 4 to Creative Banks 5 does not break Creative Banks 4 workflow. We allow you to run both during the transition period, to make the process as easy as possible. We ask that you migrate off Creative Banks 4 in a timely fashion once you've tested and made sure all is well, since running both for an extended period isn't supported under our licensing standard.