• Show Annotations - Allows users to view annotations. Edit rights are determined by WebNative settings.
  • Show MView comments - Allows users to leave comments in MView. Note: works with Webnative version 18.0 or higher.
  • Finder Colors - Show finder color labels applied to assets.
  • Stream Original Video - Allows users to stream the original video. Note: Browsers vary on what is considered a streamable file.
  • Items Per Page - Default amount of items (assets and folders) to display per page. Note: after that each user can log in and set their own preference.
  • Browser plugins helper - Show Safari/Firefox Xinet browser plugins helper to drag'n'drop / Reveal / Open files and folders.
  • Browse in one assigned volume - When users only have one assigned volume Elegant6 goes directly to Browse.
  • Hide blank readonly keywords - Hide blank readonly keywords in Metadata tab on asset view page
  • Show image size (Short view) - Show image size (inches) in short view like in Long view.
  • Show custom folder icon - Show custom folder icon (_FOLDER_ICON.jpg)
  • Show "List" view - Check to enable special "List" view in Browse
  • Show readonly keywords in ABKA - Show readonly keywords in Advaced Batch Keyword Apply basket plugin (may slow down plugin load)
  • Show badges in browse tree - Show folders/files count badges in browse tree

NOTE: requires Webnative version 18.1.2 or higher

NOTE: supports up to 500 subfolders per folder

  • Use SSO module - Enables SSO module support. If properly configured, SSO module can improve application performance.

click Save after all settings are done.

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