Available option fields and attributes:

“attributes” – array that contains main configuration parameters

Attribute Required Type Description
caption no string option label
disabled no 0 or 1 makes an option disabled
id no string option tag “id” attribute, though not required, can be useful if you want to further extend option functionality using JavaScript
maxlength no integer maximum amount of characters in textual input field
name yes string option name in the following format: Plugin[][], where should always match your plugin folder name
readonly no 0 or 1 makes an option readonly
required no 0 or 1 makes option value required, required field is marked with red “*”
style no string can contain additional css styles for option
tip no string popup option tip that contains more information about option
type yes string input field type. The following types are available: checkbox, color, date, password, radiogroup, select, text, textarea
validation no string A coma separated set of validation rules usually applied to textual input fields:
email – checks that input value is a valid email:
integer – checks that value is an integer
max – checks that value is lesser than given maximum value (for integer, number fields)
min – checks that value is more than given minimum (for integer, number values)
number – checks that value is a number
required – checks that field has a value (note an alternative to “required” attribute)
Example: “validation”:”integer,required,min_1,max_20”

“option” – an array of options for “select” or “radiogroup” field type.

Virtual host configuring, img #01.1

“value” – default option value.